What Clients Are Saying


Keala Kanae, Founder & CEO
Full Staq Marketer (formerly AWOL Academy)

“Jonathan is one of the most precious people in my life.  He is someone I turn to when I get stuck. When I’m not sure what to do and I’m going through trials & tribulations, Jonathan is one of the first phone calls I make for help.  Working with Jonathan one on one have produced some of my biggest breakthroughs on my journey.”

Jennifer Kem, Founder & CEO
Master Brand Institute

“I hired Jonathan 4 years ago as my coach...I was moving into a different season in my life...I felt tied down...like I'm living for other people...Jonathan does such a great job...I've made millions of dollars in the past 4 years from those sessions as a result...The effects that he had on my life - that's what we call legacy.”

Jennifer Kem.png


LUdmila Golovine, PResident & CEO
Mastrerword Services

“I want to personally thank  Jonathan for patiently and with excellence doing the work with every single employee of the company of figuring out values and then aligning the values with the company mission statement.

We also apply your methods in employee conflict (issues) resolution – and as a results – we have not had any serious disputes or conflicts since we started doing that, only minor disagreements which are normal and necessary for progress.  Implementation of this helped tremendously – as instead of wasting energy on issues – people are focused on overall success and excellence.”