I am Mindset & Body Science expert who helps high performing CEOs and business owners get breakthrough results for their business & relationships with Axiology (science of values), Quantum Physics & the Mind Body connection.

My experience comes from 18 years owning & operating my Shiatsu bodywork & massage therapy family practice and 7 years coaching & consulting for CEOs and their companies.

My clients say my strength is my ability to take whatever crisis is happening in your life and guide you to breakthrough results quickly & scientifically (repeatable)… without judgement.

I’ve been called:
“The onion peeler” in how I intuitively and scientifically uncover the root causes of your challenges and discover unique solutions specific to you

“A precious resource who is invested in your long term growth & success”

My specialties include:
• How to determine your values so that you make clean & decisive decisions
• How to understand your stress symptoms so that maintain high performance & feel great
• How to unlock your unique mind body code so that you have more leadership all areas of life
• How to breakthrough current & past baggage scientifically so that you heal your heart & mind
• How to overcome grief & loss so that you move forward with gratitude
• How to communicate effectively with your values so that you have more fulfilling relationships
• How to live in alignment with your values so that you are more Centered, Evolving, & Optimized.

All of my work is proven & science based from my 18 years of bodywork & health experience combined with Dr. John Demartini’s Values Factor & Demartini Method methodologies

Here’s to helping you perform optimally!

He provides private consulting, coaching & mindset programs for CEOs 1on1 and group programs for their teams. 

Jonathan lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, working with his family and lives with his partner Michelle & 4 cats.